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Two of Utah's newest quadruplets have gone home.

Gregory John and Jordan Scott, sons of Scott and Sherri Cook of Holladay, were released from LDS Hospital on April 18 and 20, respectively.A hospital spokesman said the boys' two sisters, Heidi and Amy, remain in very good condition. But a release date has not been set.

The elated parents will be glad when the family is united.

"Now that we have two of them home we are really anxious to get all of them home," said Sherri, who said she is amazed that her boys are really home.

When they were informed by hospital personnel that the boys were being released early, "We panicked. We ran to buy T-shirts, crib sheets, and hurried to get the cribs set up and finish wallpapering the room so everything would be just so for the babies," she said.

When the baby girls get home, the Cook's extended family will rally to help care for the children, including the couple's other youngsters, Heather, 51/2, and Ashley, 2.