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Gov. Norm Bangerter wants to debate Democrat Ted Wilson 25 times this election season, starting in May.

Wilson says he'll meet the governor, but their schedules have to be worked out first, and so far they have not been.Wilson leads Bangerter by 28 points in the latest Dan Jones & Associates public opinion poll (see story A-1). Last week, Rob Jolley, Wilson's campaign manager, said Wilson didn't want to debate Bangerter until September.

But Wilson overruled that comment, saying that when he can, he'll meet Bangerter.

Bangerter's debate challenge leaves out Merrill Cook, the independent running for governor. Cook wants to debate Wilson and Bangerter, but it's clear the governor, at least, isn't interested in meeting Cook.

"Since it is now clear who the major party candidates for governor will be in November, I think it is appropriate that we give the people of Utah a number of opportunities, beginning as soon as possible, to hear our views on the issues and to be able to compare us side by side," Bangerter wrote Wilson on Saturday.

The governor listed 10 specific joint appearances he wants to make with Wilson between May 1 and June 15. He also wants to meet Wilson five times between July 25 and Aug. 10 and 10 more times between Sept. 6 and Oct. 15.