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Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors have taken samples of air and materials in a building where workers repair leaks in the wings of F-16 fighter jets.

OSHA Area Director Bob Curtis said he was on base two days recently but is unsure how many more days it will take to complete the investigation.Union officials at the base asked OSHA to look into employee complaints of nosebleeds and nausea while working in Building 265. The workers feared the symptoms were caused by exposure to cleaning solvents and stripping agents used in repair of the wings.

The base bio-environmental engineering office also has been investigating the complaints.

Col. Phil Brown, chief of bio-environmental engineering, said an April 1987 study showed the level of chemicals in the air in Building 265 was within permissible limits except for one, toluene.

The 1987 study also showed that employees in the building should be equipped with respirators and that the work area lacked proper ventilation.