A Clearfield Jobs Corpsman has been sentenced to serve from one to 15 years in prison for the stabbing death of a fellow corpsman.

Michael D. Montgomery, 21, of North Dakota, was sentenced by 2nd District Judge Ronald O. Hyde for the Jan. 29. murder of Michael J. Savela, 20, of Albany, Calif. The sentencing came after the victim's father told the judge that the defendant deserved confinement.

The victim's father, John Savela, sat in the audience and stood up and told the judge that Montgomery should go to prison.

"There are more victims than just my son," he told Hyde. "We've all suffered."

Montgomery and Savela were drinking with several other Job Corps members outside the Marshall White Center in West Ogden. The two men started wrestling and the horseplay turned deadly when Montgomery pulled out a knife and stabbed his friend three times in the chest.

Montgomery was charged with second degree murder, but he entered a guilty plea to manslaughter after a plea bargain was worked out.

Defense attorney Kevin Sullivan asked for leniency, pointing out that his client had a clean record previous to the murder. He said that Montogmery's problems were alcohol related, and that the defendant needed treatment, not prison.