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Federal grand jury indictments have been filed alleging crimes that include use of a firearm in drug trafficking, possession of an unregistered machine gun, conspiracy to distribute drugs, and making a false statement.

Orestes Luciano Abreu and Juan Carlos Alverez, both listed as Miami residents, are charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute, possessing an unregistered machine gun and using a .38 caliber revolver in commission of a drug crime.Alverez is also charged in a separate count of distributing cocaine.

Utah U.S. Attorney Brent D. Ward said the investigation leading up to the indictment was conducted by the federal Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force in Salt Lake.

Defendants face a possible penalty of 40 years imprisonment, a mandatory-minimum sentence of 5 years and a $2 million fine on the conspiracy and cocaine possession charges. In addition, if using a fire arm is proven, at least 5 years could be added to a sentence.

Ronald J. Munger is charged with submitting false certificates to the Veterans Administration. According to the indictment, Munger claimed he employed a veteran in a tranining program and that Munger was entitled to benefits because of that, when actually the veteran wasn't employed by Munger and wasn't receiving training.

Sandra Marie Warden, is charged with making false statements in letters sent to the Hill Air Force Base. The letter involved contracts, says a statement from the U.S. attorney general's office.