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Blaine Hogge Nelson, implicated in rapes in Utah, Wyoming and Arizona, has now acknowledged responsibility for six November 1986 Tremonton burglaries, says Police Chief Warren Hodges.

Hodges said that in an interview with Detective Robert Howe, Nelson, 33, an Ogden trucker, admitted to the six burglaries, but did not remember a seventh break-in.The chief said the information has been referred to Box Elder County Attorney Jon Bunderson.

In Ogden, Nelson is charged with 13 first-degree felony counts in four rapes reported March 7, 11 and 15, and April 2.

He also faces 11 felony counts in five sexual assaults reported in Cedar City July 10 and 17 and Dec. 5.

In addition, Laramie, Wyo., police have said they are investigating Nelson's purported link to nine burglaries, four involving sexual attacks on women, reported July 24 and Jan. 31.(BU)

Wickenburg, Ariz., police are investigating Nelson in two burglaries, one involving a sexual assault, committed last summer.

Police who interviewed Nelson have called him cooperative.

His attorney, John Caine, has said Nelson confessed to the Ogden rapes. Caine said he doubted Nelson will actually go to trial, which is scheduled for next Wednesday.