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Utah youngsters who are born with or develop visual problems may benefit from a variety of services from the moment their handicap is diagnosed.

The Utah School for the Blind operates programs for infants, preschool and multiply handicapped youngsters. Some of the programs bring specialists into the home to help parents adjust to the prospects of a lifelong handicap for their child and to help them maximize the child's potential.Children of school age are served by the school. Residential programs are available for those students who cannot be served in their local school districts. Elementary school students who do not require residential services, but who need specialized education, also can attend classes.

In public school systems along the Wasatch Front, itinerant teachers travel among several schools to provide special training for visually impaired students. Utah School for the Blind teacher consultants also are available to students in other areas of the state.

Services include teaching Braille, providing text materials in large type, Braille or recorded formats, low-vision equipment instruction, mobility and daily living instruction, support groups for parents and students and facilitation of transfer to rehabilitation services.

Adults and referred students age 16 or older are served by the State Division of Services for the Visually Handicapped, 533-9393.

Information is locally available by calling the school, 399-3748, Ogden, or 487-8105 in Salt Lake City. School districts with special programs are Alpine, 227-8748; Davis, 451-1169; Granite, 481-7108; Jordan, 565-7584; Ogden, 625-8700; Salt Lake, 481-4837; and Weber, 479-9040.