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LDS Hospital, which operates medical clinics at the temporary shelters for the homeless, will donate $75,000 April 28 for construction of a new clinic at a permanent facility.

The donation will be made by Warren E. Pugh, chairman of the hospital's board of governors, and will be accepted by Salt Lake City Mayor Palmer DePaulis on behalf of the Shelter the Homeless Committee. The committee is attempting to raise money to build and maintain a new facility for the homeless in a building on the corner of Rio Grande and Second South.The new medical clinic will be part of that facility.

LDS Hospital has staffed, managed, and supplied two medical clinics for the city's homeless population since 1984. In addition to that commitment, the Intermountain Health Care-owned hospital finances the Central City Community Health Center for the city's low-income population.

The medical clinics treat upwards of 40 to 50 homeless men, women, and children each day. The health center sees an average of 500 economically disadvantaged people each month.