Four new elementary principals and one new high school principal have been named by the Davis Board of Education.

Tamara Lowe is the new principal at Clearfield High School, replacing Michael Duckworth, who will transfer to Davis High School after the current school year.The new elementary principals are Linda J. Davis at Valley View in Bountiful, Randall Jensen at Vae View in Layton, Ofelia Wade at Centerville, and Liz Beck at Meadowbrook in Bountiful.

Davis comes to the Davis district from Park City School District. Jensen is a teacher at West Clinton Elementary, while Wade and Beck are principal interns at Washington and Meadowbrook elementaries, respectively.

Superintendent Richard Kendell said the appointment of full-time principals at several schools ends an experiment of using interns and one principal for two schools.

He said that while the district is interested in innovative staffing, the experiments this year did not prove popular with parents or those assigned to the positions. He said parents were especially unhappy with the arrangements, and it was found that job stress was exceptionally high among those involved.

In other administrative moves, several elementary principals received new assignments for next year. Maynard Whitesides will go from Boulton in Bountiful to Reading in Centerville; Steve Burningham will go from Layton to Boulton; Dolores Hanse will go from Valley View to Layton; Wayne Stanger will go from Washington/Meadowbrook to Orchard in Bountiful; Arvel Beckstead will go from Orchard to Fremont in Sunset; and Deon Stevens will go from Vae View to Washington in Bountiful.

Also, George Cook will be assigned to West Clinton full time instead of serving two schools, and Jeanine Crabtree will go from intern to full-time status as South Weber's principal.

On the secondary level, Vivian Stapely, an assistant principal at Davis, will serve as interim principal until Duckworth takes over this summer. Rick Call will move from Layton High to Bountiful High as an assistant, Wayne Baker will move from Mueller Park Junior High to Layton High as an assistant, and Cathy Davis will become an assistant at Viewmont. Steve Mangel will take the assistant post at Mueller Park.

At the district level, Nancy Lyon will become the district's foundation director on a half-time basis, Richard Marsden will assume direction for the district's music program on a half-time basis while continuing to teach at Davis High and Kaysville Junior High, and Leslie More will become director of scheduling for the transportation department.