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A Bountiful couple and their daughter have filed a U.S. District Court suit claiming an unwarranted sexual abuse investigation put them under great strain and created suspicion within the family.

The suit was filed by David Johnson, his wife, Oliva Kim Johnson, and Mrs. Johnson's daughter by a former marriage.

The suit says that in September 1986, when the girl was a student at Boulton Elementary School in the Davis School District, she was brought into school offices for an interview with one of the defendants, school nurse Linda Curey.

The parents were told that the reason for the interview was that students were spreading the rumor that the girl was pregnant. The minor was "subjected to an embarrassing and probing interview" about sexual matters, the suit says.

Against the girl's protests, the interview was recorded, it says. During this conversation, "it developed that not only was (the girl) not pregnant and had never been subjected to sexual or other abuse" but also that there was no cause for suspicion.

Nevertheless, it adds, Mrs. Johnson was subsequently contacted by phone and told her husband had sexually molested her daughter. After reviewing the record, the The Davis County attorney's office concluded there was no reason to suspect abuse of any kind.

The investigation caused great emotional strain, suspicion and mistrust, the suit says. It asks for $10,000 in damages.