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Two women were fined $300 Tuesday and placed on probation for their parts in the kidnapping of an elderly Provo man last July.

Trial dates for the victim's former wife a New York woman accused of masterminding the abduction plot and two more alleged accomplices have been set for June.Fourth Circuit Judge E. Patrick McGuire sentenced Myrla Allgier, 43, West Jordan, to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for her conviction last month on one count of unlawful detention, a Class B misdemeanor.

Tammy D. Hardy, 29, Provo, pleaded guilty in November to the same charge and received an identical sentence.

The judge suspended the jail sentences and all but $300 of the fines for both women. He also placed them on six months probation.

The two women and co-defendants Jackie H. Perry, 34, Payson, and Dennis F. Steele, 30, Provo, were charged with one count each of unlawful detention and misdemeanor assault in the kidnapping July 16, 1987, of John Max Taylor, 80.

Allgier, Perry and Steele all were convicted of the detention charge in a jury trial last month and acquitted of assault charges. The assault charge against Hardy was dropped in exchange for her guilty plea. Earlier this month McGuire gave Perry and Steele the same sentences he handed out Tuesday to Allgier and Hardy.

Meanwhile, the trial of Taylor's former wife, Anne Taylor, 56, has been scheduled for June 20 in 4th District Court. Her trial had been scheduled to begin last month but was postponed because medical problems prevented her traveling to Utah.

The trial of Raeldon Palmer, 47, and his wife, Joellen, 44, both of Pleasant Grove, has been scheduled for June 22. The two trials may be combined if defense attorneys agree, Deputy Utah County Attorney Charlene Barlow said.

Anne Taylor and Raeldon Palmer are charged with one count each of kidnapping, a second-degree felony. Joellen Palmer is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, a third-degree felony. All three are free on their own recognizance while awaiting trial.

Taylor was abducted from a parking lot while walking with his sister to her car following an appointment with a physician. Two men bundled him into a waiting car while two women prevented his sister from aiding him.

Police say Taylor was taken to Colorado by Anne Taylor and Raeldon Palmer but was returned to Provo three days later after local attorneys acting as intermediaries arranged a meeting with authorities.

Anne Taylor has said she wanted to get her husband away from relatives in Provo, who she alleges were brainwashing him and stealing his property. She is accused of hiring Joellen Palmer, who owns a property repossession agency, to help her. The agency employs Raeldon Palmer and the four who have been sentenced.

At Anne Taylor's preliminary hearing in October, defense attorneys argued that Taylor willing went with his wife, so no kidnapping could have occurred. Taylor, who Anne Taylor claims is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, gave conflicting testimony, first saying he was abducted but later testifying he was not taken against his will.

The Taylors since have divorced.