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The City Council has unanimously rejected a request to allow the city's residential garbage collection contractor to raise monthly trash collection rates.

Although sympathetic with Laidlaw Waste Systems' request for a 12 percent rate hike, council members pointed out the city is less than two years into a contract with Laidlaw that locked in current collection rates for five years.Laidlaw had asked for an increase of 60 cents on the $5.15 monthly bill paid by each of the 3,300 households in the city for solid waste collection service. The company said higher costs, particularly for insurance coverage, labor and fuel, made the request necessary.

Council members said residential rates were raised less than two years ago to offset the cost of a hike in the tipping fee Laidlaw is charged by the North Utah County Landfill in Lindon to dump the garbage it collects.

Raising rates again so soon after that increase would be wrong, council members said. However, the council agreed to consider the request again in six months.