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Timpview, Skyline and Delta high schools and Waterford School led the team competition in the 1988 Utah State High School and Junior High Mathematics Contest.

Skyline in 4A, Timpview in 3A, Delta in 2A and Waterford, a private school in Provo in 1A, were the topfinishers in their school-size classifications.Team and individual winners were honored recently at an awards banquet at Brigham Young University, which held the math exams earlier this month.

More than 3,100 students from junior high and high schools statewide participated in the 21/2-hour exams. The exams were divided into junior and senior divisions, the former for students in seventh through ninth grades and the latter for students in 10th through 12th grades.

Scholarships were offered to the winners by BYU, the University of Utah and Utah State University, with cash awards donated by Geneva Steel, Morton Thiokol, Evans and Sutherland, Morris Travel, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Questar and the BYU Bookstore.

The top three junior-exam finishers were Michael Durham, Waterford; Ryan Stevens, Butler Middle School; and David Landon, West High. In the senior-exam category, the top individual scores came from Clark Barrett, Waterford; John Robinson, Provo High; and Fesli Pinar, West.

The top six individual finishers by grade were:

Seventh: Shirts, West; Scott Robinson, Butler; Reed Robinson, Bonneville Junior High; Gordon Hopper, Butler; Eric Hintze, Kaysville Junior High; and Eddie Miner, Springville Middle School

Eighth: Stevens, Butler; Landon, West; Jeff Gardner, Churchill Junior High; Paul Brewster, Butler; Karl Fails, Orem Junior High; and Blake Ashby, West Jordan.

Ninth: Durham, Waterford; Andy Evenson, Waterford; Lisa Nielsen, Delta; Edward Salmon, Rowland Hall-St. Marks; Natalie Rhodes, Dixie High; and John Pruitt, Delta.

10th: Randy Reynolds, Orem High; Kathryn Sackett, Skyline High; Colin Robinson, East High; Doug Thompson, Davis High; Tommy Stephens, Mountain View High; and Brian Walton, Orem High.

11th: Barrett, Waterford; Robertson, Provo High; Jeff Anderson, Olympus High; Travis Oliphant, Taylorsville High; Daniel Maxwell, Skyline; and Merrill Godfrey, Bonneville High.

12th: Pinar, West; Tracy Hall, Orem High; Matt Larsen, East; Glenn Buchanan, Highland High; Mark Pett, Judge Memorial High; and David Keir, East.