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Juab School District board members have adopted a calendar for next year, adapted to work with other districts in the Central Utah Educational Service District.

Schools in the Central Utah Educational Service area are trying to establish a common starting date of Aug. 29, 1988. Board members agreed to that date.The last day of school in 1989 will be June 2, a Friday.

Students will be out of school Monday, Dec. 26, to Tuesday, Jan. 2, for Christmas vacation. In addition, students will have a day off for Labor Day, Sept. 5; two days for the Utah Education Association convention, Oct. 13 and 14; a day for Harvest Vaction, Oct. 24; two days for Thanksgiving, Nov. 24 and 25; a day for President's Day, Feb. 20; two days for spring break, March 23 and 24; and a day for Memorial Day, May 29.