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A Salt Lake County Library System Foundation employee has been charged with taking a mailing list and using it to solicit customers for her own magazine subscription service.

A Class B misdemeanor charge of using confidential information has been filed in 5th Circuit Court against Kathleen May Harker, 2334 E. 6660 South. Court records say she took documents relating to the Whitmore Foundation magazine subscription service, based in the Whitmore Library, 2197 E. 70th South, and used them in her own business, Magazine Marketing Inc.Eileen Longsworth, library system director, said the foundation's official name is the Salt Lake County Library System Foundation.

Deputy County Attorney Greg Skordas said the foundation used the two-year-old subscription service to raise money. Prosecutors believe Harker called subscribers when their county subscription ran out and signed them up to her service.

Skordas said investigators are trying to determine how many subscriptions may have been affected.

Longsworth said the library foundation has now gotten out of the magazine subscription business. In a letter to be sent to subscribers, library officials said only that the service is no longer "cost effective." She said the alleged criminal activity did not prompt the sale.

"I studied the library and determined it was not cost effective. At the first of the year the determination was made to sell the service," she said.

Subscribers are now referred to Salt Lake-based G&M Talbot Magazines, which purchased a 9,000-name subscription list in mid-March from the county, according to company representatives.

Longworth said the library system was concerned about the problem because by far most employees are honest, so "we are giving prompt attention to this."

FARMINGTON After an extensive mental evaluation, a Farmington man charged with sodomy upon a child pleaded guilty Tuesday in 2nd District court to a reduced charge of sexual abuse of a child.

Brent Davis, 33, 298 Cobble Creek Road, underwent nearly three months of evaluation by Davis County Mental Health to first determine if he is competent to understand the charges against him and assist in his defense and then to determine if he is sexually deviant.

Prosecutor Carvel Harward, Davis County attorney's office, told Judge Rodney S. Page the evaluation concludes Davis, although below average in intelligence, is competent to assist in his own defense and does not have any deviant or pedophile tendencies.

Davis was charged with sodomy, a first-degree felony that carries a prison term of five years to life and a minimum mandatory term of 5, 10 or 15 years, for incidents that occurred with a young girl between December 1984 and April 1986 in Farmington, according to court records.

In a plea negotiation, Davis agreed Tuesday to plead guilty to a lesser charge, sexual abuse of a child, a second-degree felony that carries a prison term of 1 to 15 years.

Page scheduled sentencing for May 24 after an Adult Probation and Parole pre-sentence investigation.