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The $243,000 windfall a Dallas radio station received after an on-the-air solicitation will be distributed to charities that help the homeless, hungry and abused, according to the man who started the drive.

"We just found things that made us say, `Ooh, that's wonderful.' Now the fun part comes and we just start distributing funds," KVIL disc jockey Ron Chapman said this week.It was Chapman who asked listeners several weeks ago to send in $20 without telling them why. Within four days, the station had received $243,120.

After days of reviewing numerous suggestions and requests, station officials settled on a disbursement plan this week.

Recipients and will be the Salvation Army, $100,000; Common Ground Community Economic Development Corporation, $13,000; East Dallas Community School, $14,900; Tarrant County Food Bank, $56,000; and Women's Haven of Tarrant County, $16,000.

The station was deluged by suggestions from various people and organizations who had ideas on how to spend the money.