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A 3rd District Court judge issued a restraining order Thursday to end a conflict between a parent and a Salt Lake school principal over the parent's right to visit the school.

The dispute between parent Paul Begum and Hillside Intermediate Principal Carol Calder stems from Begum's dissatisfaction over his son's academic performance under a Hillside math teacher.When Begum approached administrators about the situation, Calder said Begum "harassed and abused" her and her staff; she obtained a temporary restraining order prohibiting Begum from entering the school.

Judge David Young issued a permanent restraining order, replacing the temporary order, prohibiting Begum and Calder from contacting each other.

Young admonished reporters in the courtroom not to improperly report the dispute or give it an inordinate amount of attention for fear of exacerbating the conflict.

The order permits Begum to enter the school and communicate with other administrators, as long as he refrains from being provocative, Young said.

Barry McKay, Begum's attorney, said Calder attempted to "cut off all criticism" by obtaining a restraining order against his client. The restraining order was also obtained without proper notification of the defendant, he said.

Calder denied that the restraining order was designed to muzzle criticism of her school.

"I didn't cut him off, but I wasn't going to have a confrontation in front of the students," Calder said, adding that Begum was "verbally abusive" in front of some students.