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The National Association of Real Estate License Law Officials officially opened its new national headquarters here this month.

NARELLO's board of directors toured their offices as part of their annual meeting, executive vice president Stephen J. Francis said.The organization represents real estate regulators in 50 states, six Canadian privinces and Guam and the Virgin Islands.

NARELLO has been headquartered in Utah since 1984, when Francis was named executive vice president. A former director of Utah's Division of Real Estate, Francis wanted to stay in Utah rather than work out of Washington, D.C., or Chicago where other national associations are based.

"We've had no problem being here," he said, noting headquarters will remain in Utah as long as Francis is executive vice president.

Francis said the new offices at 563 W. 5th South, suite 100, Gateway Park, have actually been open for two months and the organization run out of Utah for four years. But NARELLO keeps a low profile since it doesn't directly serve the public or the real estate industry.

The association serves just state industry regulators by compiling regulations of each state into a single publication, sponsoring an annual conference, and publishing a directory of regulators and a newsletter. It also represents regulators in national and local legislative issues.