City officials hope a deal to sell the old City Hall building can be revived, although the only prospective buyers have withdrawn their offer over a zoning dispute with the city.

City officials say initiating a request for zone change that would permit rental is not an obstacle to the sale. They're viewing the situation as a misunderstanding between buyer and seller."The City Council is hopeful the deal will still go through," Deputy City Recorder Charmaine Childs said. "The council is willing to stick with the original agreement."

The old City Hall was put on the market last year when municipal offices were moved into a new building. But earlier this year Pleasant Grove officials were concerned they may have to tear down the older structure because no buyer had been found.

The City Council had decided to seek a federal grant to fund demolition when local residents Robert Craghead and Richard Smart made an offer on the property. The two men and the city struck a tentative deal last month for the building and lot to change hands for $45,000.

But the deal fell through recently when the purchasers discovered that an apartment in the building could not be rented out because of zoning restrictions. The partners had expected the apartment to generate income.

An attorney representing the pair informed the City Council that the offer was being withdrawn and the men expected the city to return $500 they had paid to secure the deal.