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College students anticipating careers in teaching think Utah's public school class sizes are too large and the remuneration for teachers too small.

A survey conducted by the Utah Education Association Student Program found 423 of 553 college students who responded were unhappy with the prospects of teaching classes as large as those in Utah's schools.The majority also settled on $21,127 as a fair salary for a starting teacher considerably above the present average $15,266 teachers actually receive as they begin their careers in Utah.

Robert Lurker, treasurer of the UEA student section, said 40 percent of those surveyed said they do not plan to teach here, while 43 percent said they do. The remainder were undecided.

Only 30 percent of those who said they plan to make teaching a lifetime occupation want to spend that time in Utah.

Seventy-seven percent anticipated the need of a second income beyond their salaries.

"I have researched the job opportunities in other states, and Utah is not competitive in its job offerings. I will not teach in an area where I can't make enough to support my family," said a student who responded to an opportunity to express his feelings.

Lurker, a Brigham Young University student, said the students polled generally took the altruistic position that education is important and teaching an essential work, but complained that the system doesn't give public schools and teachers the high priority they deserve.