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American adults are expected to reduce their cigarette consumption again this year after a 2 percent drop in 1987, the Agriculture Department said Friday.

"Domestic cigarette consumption is likely to decline this year because of further price hikes, continued anti-smoking activity and increased restrictions on where people can smoke," the department's Economic Research Service said in a report.American adults consumed an avarage of 3,201 cigarettes last year, down from 3,274 in 1986, according to the preliminary figures. That was the lowest since World War II. The peak was 4,345 cigarettes per person in 1963.

Officials caution that the per capita figures measure the average "disappearance" of cigarettes among those 18 years and older, including smokers and non-smokers alike. It is used to show changes from one year to another and does not indicated actual use among the smoking population.