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After Blaine Hogge Nelson agreed to plead guilty to 13 charges in four rape cases in exchange for the state not filing more charges against him in eight other rape cases, one of the victims tried to get at him but was subdued by jailers.

"It's not fair. It's not fair," the young woman screamed as she attempted to grab the man who sexually assaulted her.The attack was made against the Ogden man after he admitted to raping the woman and three others.

Detective Chris Zimmerman said Friday that police think Nelson started raping Ogden women in their homes in 1984. He also is suspected of breaking into several Ogden businesses and burglarizing them.

Nelson made those guilty pleas on Wednesday before 2nd District Judge Ronald O. Hyde. The judge set sentencing for May 11.

Nelson, 33, entered guilty pleas to 13 first-degree felony counts stemming from four rapes in Ogden in March and April. The charges included aggravated burglary and aggravated sexual assault, which involved charges of rape and sodomy.

The rape victim was apparently upset when a surprise announcement was made by Weber County Attorney Reed Richards and defense attorney John Caine that a plea bargain agreement had been reached.

According to the agreement, Nelson pleaded guilty to the 13 counts in exchange for the state not seeking 60 more felony charges against him.

Nelson also faces 11 felony counts in connection with five sexual assaults in Cedar City and numerous burglaries in Box Elder County.