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Because of a recent fatal accident, signs urging parents to keep their children in the car soon will be posted at the Salt Lake City-County landfill, officials said.

The signs also will warn that the landfill is not responsible for accidents.Four-year-old Jaron Garff was killed April 12 while playing near where his parents were unloading trash at the dump. Police said the boy apparently was run over by a truck whose driver may not have known what happened.

Landfill officials said they may have difficulty getting parents to keep their children in the car. Scalehouse operators will be instructed to tell drivers about the dangers when they enter the dump, officials said.

The landfill, near 56th West and 13th South, is open free of charge in April. Officials said the extra traffic during the month makes dumping dangerous.

The Landfill Council also is considering a plan to set up a public dumping area away from the heavy machinery at the main dump site, officials said..