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Brigham Young University has put out the welcome mat for the major 1988 presidential candidates in case they want to stop by for a visit.

"We welcome any of the major candidates of all parties to come speak at BYU," said Brent Harker, assistant director of BYU public communications.Harker said he had received several calls wondering if Democratic hopeful Jesse Jackson is scheduled to speak. The calls are the probable result of Jackson's state campaign supporters wondering out loud about a possible visit to Utah and BYU.

However, neither Jackson's representatives nor any those working on behalf of any other major presidential campaign have made any inquiries to university administrators about a possible visit to BYU, Harker added.

Presidential candidates have visited BYU in previous election years. However, the most recent VIP with presidential ties to visit the Provo campus was former President Gerald R. Ford, who spoke at BYU more than a year ago.