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Bountiful Lions Club members want to welcome people to the city with a couple of strategically placed signs, but the group is getting the cold shoulder from the City Council.

The service organization got a lukewarm reception, particularly from Mayor Dean S. Stahle, when club president Timothy Tate presented the club's plans to use $5,000 in club money to install signs at Second West and Fourth North and at a fork in the road at U-206 at about 22nd South.The City Council tabled the request from the Bountiful Lions Club that would allow the service organization to place welcome signs at two locations in the city.

Stahle said the council is modifying the city's sign ordinance to reduce the size and kinds of signs allowed in the city and encourage signs that blend into the environment.

Stahle said he opposes the idea of welcome signs and their proposed locations. Tate said the city's public works director picked the locations, but any locations picked by the city would be OK with the club.

Councilman C. Harold Shafter, who also serves on the Planning Commission, said it would not be prudent to proceed with the signs while the ordinance is being modified. "I'd hate to see something go up that would just have to come right back down."

Tate said the sign envisioned by the club would welcome motorists to the city and would contain room to list upcoming events.

Councilwoman Barbara Holt said the sign is needed, particularly to advertise city events.

Despite his disapproval of the sign idea, Stahle praised the club for its service projects in the city, which probably amount to more time and money than any other local club. He said he didn't want to impede the club's progress but wanted projects in the city's best interest.