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A Box Elder County constable and her estranged husband apparently want to reconcile their differences, despite court charges that the woman repeatedly tried to kill her husband with rat poison, acid, heroin and amphetamines.

Peggy Johnson's attorney, Quinn Hunsaker, asked 1st District Judge Gordon Low to lift bail restrictions forbidding her from having any contact with her husband, Danny, because he wants to re-establish contact with his wife. The couple is considering reconciliation, he said.Low told Peggy Johnson she would be allowed to see Danny Johnson if Danny Johnson would sign an affidavit saying he sought contact with her.

Peggy Johnson was arrested Jan. 30 and later charged with three counts of attempted homicide and one count of distributing a controlled substance. Charges allege she tried to kill Danny Johnson with D-CON rat killer, oxalic acid, heroin and crank (methamphetamines.)

Danny Johnson initiated divorce proceedings a few days after his wife was arrested.

Peggy Johnson pleaded not guilty to the charges Monday afternoon in 1st District Court. She had been bound over for trial after a preliminary hearing judge concluded the state has enough evidence to try her on the charges.