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Salt Lake County prosecutors were seeking a governor's warrant Tuesday for a man suspected of sexually assaulting and strangling a Taylorsville woman last week.

Ben Fidel Salazar, 48, also known as Bobby Sandoval, is charged with capital homicide and aggravated sexual assault in the death of Charlotte Montoya, 56, whose body, bound tightly in sheets and garbage bags, was discovered March 28 in her apartment at 1679 W. 5620 South.The woman had been sexually abused, according to a complaint filed Monday in 5th Circuit Court.

Salazar, a convicted felon, is in a Durango, Colo., jail awaiting possible extradition to Utah.

The complaint states witnesses saw Salazar take license plates from his car and put them on Montoya's car, which was spotted last Thursday in Bloomfield, N.M. Police arrested Salazar and turned him over to Durango police, who sought him for escaping from a halfway house. Salazar was convicted in Colorado of felony assault for attacking his wife with a knife.

The criminal complaint filed Monday states that Salazar, whose prints were found inside Montoya's apartment, tried to sell her furniture at her apartment complex the day of the murder.