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An interim agreement is being implemented to put 44,000 acre-feet of water annually into the streams impacted by the Strawberry Collection System of the Central Utah Project.

With the completion of Upper Stillwater Dam, construction on the Bonneville Unit of the CUP is advanced to the stage that a 1980 in-stream flow agreement reached between the Bureau of Reclamation and the Environmental Protection Agency can be implemented on an interim basis to maintain approximately 50 percent of the historic trout habitat in the affected streams.State and federal agencies have worked out specific plans needed to implement the instream flow agreement, said Clifford I. Barrett, reclamation regional director in Salt Lake City.

The 44,000 acre-feet of CUP water will be allowed to flow down project streams including Rock Creek, West Fork of the Duchesne River, Currant Creek and the Strawberry River. CUP water will be available to meet the commitment for stream flows until the year 2000, Barrett said.

Studies will be conducted during the next 12 years to determine ways to meet the agreement in a permanent basis when the Bonneville Unit is completed.