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An Ogden man remained in Weber County Jail on $140,000 bond after he was arrested and charged with 13 counts of aggravated sexual abuse, aggravated burglary and sodomy.

Blaine H. Nelson, 34, a part-time truck driver, appeared before 3rd Circuit Judge Stanton Taylor, who set Nelson's preliminary hearing for April 13.Capt. Marlin Balls said Nelson is charged in four rapes, which were committed on March 7, 11 and 15, and on April 2.

Balls said Nelson was taken into custody early Saturday morning after a woman called police and said she had been raped. Police were summoned to an area where rapes had occurred and a man matching the rapist's description was spotted.

Detective Chris Zimmerman said Nelson was arrested about two blocks from the area.

Balls said rape victims told police that a knife was used to threaten them into submission.