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The Ogden Air Logistics Center at Hill Air Force Base, has awarded a $100 million contract to United Technologies' Chemical Systems Division (CSD) based in San Jose, Calif.

The contract, which follows the original $58 million contract awarded five years ago, is for production of some 460 Minuteman III, Stage III motors.A spokesman said the program will begin in January 1989 at CSD's San Jose complex and run through mid-1993. Upon completion, the Air Force's entire fleet of Minuteman III, Stage III motors will have been remanufactured.

CSD, an operating division of United Technologies Space Transportation Systems, carries out research, development and production of propellants, rockets and advanced propulsion systems for the DoD, NASA and prime airframe aerospace companies.

United Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of high-technology products with headquarters in Hartford, Conn. The corporation's best known products include Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines, Carrier heating and air conditioning systems, Otis elevators, Sikorsky helicopters, Norden defense systems, Hamilton Standard controls and UT Automotive components and systems.