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The Salt Lake branch of the Securities and Exchange Commission has suspended trading of stock in 46 companies that have been active at one time or another in the local over-the-counter market.

Donald M. Hoerl, assistant regional administrator at the SEC's local office, said the suspension Tuesday stems from an investigation that indicated there is a lack of adequate information concerning the 46 companies.In the suspension order, the commission said it has information that gives it reason to believe that false statements have been made concerning, among other things, the corporate history, stock ownership and financial condition of the companies.

The suspension will remain in effect through April 14, according to the SEC's order.

The SEC has warned stock brokerages that they cannot quote stock prices unless the companies have complied with commission rules requiring accurate and current information.

The companies include American Pain & Stress Inc., Associated Systems International Inc., A.S.T.I. Corp., Brew Makers Inc., Chevlon Industries Inc., CoFAB Inc., Dayton Filmcorp, Equifirst Inc., Es-Tech International Inc., Far East Trading Co., Fortune Five-O Real Estate Corp., Foster Technology Inc., ICEM Systems Inc. and International Chem-Pro Industries Inc.

Others are Inter-Med International Inc., James H. Fors & Associates, Inc. Land & Sea Resources Inc., Lourdex Corp., Lutech International Ltd., MedGroup Inc., Micro-Books International Inc., Naja-International Inc., National Integrated Systems Inc., Northridge-American Corp., Oroco Inc. and Oxygenetics Inc.

The order also affects Pacific Bio-systems Inc., Pacific Composites Inc., Pacific Western Corp., Precision Imaging Corp., Professional Dental Technologies Inc., Protecto Industries Inc., Public Service Corp., Renaissance Entertainment Inc., Rio-Tek Inc., Sea-Land Treasures Inc., Seva Resorts Inc., Southco Communications Corp., Stereo Vision 3-D Corp., Stowe Standardbred Breeders Inc., Superior Resources Inc., Totem Pole Gardens Inc., Tri-vest International, Inc., Viral Research Technologies, Walsh Communications Group Inc. and Wellington Group Ltd.