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Spring, and a young bird's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of eggs.

Which is to say that Salt Lake City's most famous feathered residents, a pair of peregrine falcons, are again in a family way. The first egg was laid in a nesting box on the Hotel Utah's northeast corner this week, says Robert Walters, non-game biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.A second egg is due now, with a total of three expected to be laid before the female is finished laying eggs.

Walters said a new nesting box on the northeastern corner of the hotel was adopted by the pair, who returned to the city in early March. He discovered the egg late Tuesday while trying to install a monitoring camera in the box.

Walters immediately called off the camera project so he wouldn't disturb the parents.

"We did have both adults in the air protesting," he said. They were back on duty with the egg on Wednesday, so there was no harm done.

The earlier nesting box was on the hotel's south face, and young peregrines trying their wings would fly into a couple of the city's busiest streets, Main Street and First South. This year, the fledglings will be able to take off for the tranquil gardens of the LDS Church Office Building.