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Just when you thought it was safe to go to a movie again, a film production company will start filming another "Halloween" horror sequel this time in (shudder) Utah.

The filming, which begins Monday, will turn Midvale's City Hall into a Haddonfield, Ill., police station. The film will also use locations in Stockton, Tooele County; Ogden; Salt Lake City and Copperton.And if you've lost count of this slasher series, this entry is "Halloween" No. 4. This time around, the indestructible "Halloween" killer, Michael, escapes from a sanitarium and reaps revenge upon the police one night.

The City Hall filming means that people paying bills in Midvale may be inconvenienced for a few days near the end of April, but they should survive.

Characters in the movie won't fare as well in dealing with Michael.

"Let's put it this way: He doesn't leave anyone alive," said Dorothy Sidwell of Mayfair Productions Inc.

Besides filming at the City Hall, crews will also shoot a nearby Utah Power & Light Co. substation, faking a power outage, and will do some filming in Midvale's business district.

"We liked Midvale because it has a Midwestern look. It's supposed to look like Illinois," said Arlene Sibley, Mayfair's location coordinator. However, local moviegoers will notice that the camera angles avoid Utah's mountains.

This is the second recent film to be made in Midvale. Parts of "Promised Land" were also shot there.

While making arrangements with city officials and local business people Wednesday, Sibley enlisted the help of Midvale City employees to stand in as extras.

Actor Donald Pleasance returns to the sequel and will be featured with Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell.

Producer Paul Freeman chose to return to Utah for the film after making "Hobo's Christmas" here.

"We like the area because we get a lot of cooperation. There is also a crew here that is very good," Sidwell said.

Leigh von der Esch, Utah Film Commission director, said the film will bring $2 million to the state.