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Citations of excellence have been awarded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Utah to 16 Utah insurance brokers and agents for their performances in selling the company's health programs.

They went to John Young, Bill Underwood, Jim Balis and Wally Church with Sentry West Insurance Services in Salt Lake City and Vernal; Walter W. Ludlow and Judy Kimball Hanley of Farmers Insurance Agency in Park City; Jan Griffin with Bayly, Martin and Fay Insurance Agency in Logan.Others are Arlyn and Rod Rounds, owners of Cache Valley Insurance in Logan; John K. Black, independent agent in Monticello; John R. Fogg, Central Utah Insurance Agency in Moab; Michael D. Broderick, Days Insurance Agency in Delta; and Doyle Huber, Phillip Timothy, Mark Foley and Kevin Huber, Service Insurance Agency in Vernal and Roosevelt.

Jed H. Pitcher, Blue Cross and Blue Shield president, said the success of the insurance programs is due in large part to the above people. The company offers health insurance to people not involved in group plans.