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Republican gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman will start running TV advertisements on four local stations Saturday.

The advertisements, consisting of two-minute, one-minute, 30-second and several 10-second spots, will run for one to two weeks and cost $236,000. That is a fairly big purchase of TV time. Jon Huntsman Jr., who co-directs his father's campaign, said the biographical spots were produced, and the air time purchased, in an attempt to acquaint as many Utahns as possible with Huntsman, who has never run for public office before.Two-minute campaign spots are unusual. The younger Huntsman said the longer message was produced because "the candidate is not yet well known by the general public."

All of the spots have the same themes, Huntsman's background and upbringing in Utah, his desire to bring jobs to Utah and his hopes to improve education and reduce taxes.

Huntsman was filmed over a two-day period at various spots around Salt Lake City. Young Huntsman said there are no current plans for more spots, although film crews may be present during Huntsman's formal announcement speech in Fillmore, his home town, next week.

Gov. Norm Bangerter was the first candidate into the TV market this year. His campaign spent about $100,000 on advertisements that started running several weeks ago.