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The family of gubernatorial hopeful Jon M. Huntsman has asked Salt Lake City to close the road to the family home for security reasons.

City officials say they met with Huntsman's wife, Karen, after she sent a letter to Mayor Palmer De-Paulis requesting the closure. But they say the city can't close Sherwood Circle because it provides access to Spring Canyon."In light of the recent kidnapping (of a Huntsman son), they would like to know if the city couldn't do something to make their street safer," said Public Works Director Joseph Anderson. "I've asked the city traffic engineer to look at some options."

Sherwood Drive is used by some people as a street to party on, to park and throw away trash and cans, he said.

But closing the road is not an option, he said. "The city's been looking at putting a water storage tank up the canyon, so the road needs to stay open."

The city is considering posting no parking signs, and narrowing the end of the cul de sac. Off-duty police officers have been hired to guard the home.