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Dozens of student honors were announced in the Utah History Fair, held this week at the University of Utah.

Bob Parson, fair director and a Utah State University instructor, listed these categories, first-place award winners, schools and project or presentation titles:Primary research papers Rebecca Howcroft, Barratt School, Orem, "Frontiers in Smallpox;" junior research papers Scott Butcher, Antelope Elementary School, Syracuse, Davis County, "Frontiers in Flight;" senior research papers Tonya Morris, San Juan High School, "Posey's Life;" primary media Corinne Nelson, Edgemont School, Provo, "A Lasting Frontier: The Move;" junior media Greg Fish, Barratt School, Orem, "Byzantine Arch," and Brandon Johnson, American Fork High School, "He Made Georgia Howl;" primary performances Lori Lewis, Abbry Eversole, Michelle Hatch and Candice Nielsen, all of Valley View Elementary School, Bountiful, "Doctors in Petticoats;" junior performances Amy Greenwood, Natalie Greenwood, Tara Johnson and Valencia Bell, Barratt School, "Mediocre Minds."

Senior performances Varden Hadfield and Nathan Hadfield, American Fork Junior High School, "Fiddling;" primary projects Spencer Gale, Maeser Elementary School, Vernal, "Buffalo;" Derrick Gardner, Barratt School, "The Telephone;" and Lori Casper, Bonneville Junior High School, "Ku Klux Klan."

Tonya Morris also won the grand prize for her research paper. She will receive an expense-paid trip to the National History Day, June 12-16 in Washington, D.C.