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A North Logan man continues to improve from a Valentines Day beating at a gravel pit, and officers hope they can soon talk with him about the attack that left him in a coma for nearly two months.

H. Dean Hawker was listed in stable and improving condition at Salt Lake City's Holy Cross Hospital on Thursday, but sheriff's Sgt. Bill Larson said Hawker had regained consciousness and has been able to communicate somewhat.

Two Cache Valley teens have been arrested in the beating, but they have not been charged.

Earlier, Cache County Attorney Lanny Gunnell told officers the youths could not be charged with homicide if Hawker dies and they already were convicted or entered guilty pleas to lesser charges.

Hawker was found unconscious in the bed of his pickup in the parking lot of the Logan Golf and Country Club about 2 a.m. Feb. 15.

Larson said the beating took place in a gravel pit east of North Logan and the victim suffered skull and facial fractures and numerous cuts.

He said Hawker's doctors were optimistic about the chances of recovery, but "they tell us he is still not out of danger.

"We plan to go to the hospital again in the next few days and see if the situation has changed," he said.