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Two Salt Lake men were charged Friday in connection with the stabbing death this week of their neighbor.

Bruce Eugene Ulrich, 29, 335 E. Third East, Apt. 101, is charged with second-degree murder, a first-degree felony, in a complaint filed in 5th Circuit Court.Ulrich is accused of stabbing William L. Odell, 62, sometime late Monday or early Tuesday. He faces arraignment on the charge Monday, according to a court clerk.

Odell's body was discovered Tuesday morning in his apartment at 335 E. Third South. He had been stabbed 2/3(BU) numerous times in the chest and back. Police recovered in the apartment a kitchen knife believed to be the murder weapon, according to reports.

The victim's apartment had been ransacked and a small amount of cash had been stolen, according to police.

Another neighbor, Daniel F. Chavez, 30, was charged with obstructing justice. He is accused of helping Ulrich develop an alibi following the stabbing, according to complaint filed in 5th Circuit Court.