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!(BU) "T"(BU)(BU) he great test of life is (OB)- obedience to God," said !(BU) President Ezra Taft L!(BU) Benson as he opened !(BU) the 158th Annual General Conference, !(BU) Saturday, April 2. "The great task of life !(BU) is to learn the will of the Lord and then !(BU) do it. The great commandment of life is !(BU) to love the Lord."!(BU)

Appearing to have more strength and ?(BU) energy than he has enjoyed since having !(BU) suffered a heart attack last Oct. 15, Pres-!(BU) ident Benson, 88, stood at the Taberna-!(BU) cle podium for 25 minutes to deliver his !(BU) opening address, which he titled, "The !(BU) Great Commandment Love the Lord." !(BU) (See page 6 for a report on President !(BU) Benson's opening address.)!(BU)

At the conference, which opened un-?(BU) der sunny, warm skies and temperatures !(BU) in the 60s, two new General Authorities !(BU) and a new general Primary presidency !(BU) were sustained.!(BU)

Called to the First Quorum of the Sev-?(BU) enty were Elder Robert E. Sackley, 65, a !(BU) native of Lismore, Australia, who is !(BU) president of the Nigeria Lagos Mission; !(BU) and L. Lionel Kendrick, 56, of Green-!(BU) ville, N.C., president of the Florida Tam-!(BU) pa Mission.!(BU)

Sustained as the general Primary ?(BU) president was Michaelene P. Grassli, for-!(BU) merly second counselor in the Primary !(BU) presidency. Her counselors are Betty Jo !(BU) N. Jepsen, first counselor, and Ruth B. !(BU) Wright, second counselor. (See article !(BU) below.)!(BU)

In addition to speaking at the opening ?(BU) session Saturday morning, President !(BU) Benson addressed the Saturday evening !(BU) priesthood session. The address he had !(BU) prepared for the closing session Sunday !(BU) afternoon was read to the congregation !(BU) by his first counselor, President Gordon !(BU) B. Hinckley. President Benson also !(BU) spoke briefly to the regional representa-!(BU) tives Friday morning.!(BU)

President Hinckley and President ?(BU) Thomas S. Monson, second counselor in !(BU) the First Presidency, took turns conduct-!(BU) ing the conference's four general ses-!(BU) sions. President Monson also conducted !(BU) the priesthood session.!(BU)

Since general conference coincided ?(BU) with the Easter weekend, many of the 28 !(BU) separate addresses delivered during the !(BU) two days included references to the Sav-!(BU) ior's atoning sacrifice and resurrection.!(BU)

The Tabernacle was filled for each ses-?(BU) sion, and hundreds gathered on the !(BU) grounds of Temple Square to listen to !(BU) proceedings over loud speakers and por-!(BU) table radios. By the time the conference !(BU) ended, the weather had turned cooler !(BU) with overcast skies.!(BU)

The new General Authorities are both ?(BU) converts who have distinguished back-!(BU) grounds in education.!(BU)

Elder Sackley retired in 1979 as presi-?(BU) dent of Medicine Hat College, a public !(BU) college in Alberta, Canada, where he and !(BU) his wife had made their home since 1954. !(BU) He received a bachelor of science degree !(BU) from Utah State University in Logan, !(BU) and earned a certificate of municipal ad-!(BU) ministration from the University of Al-!(BU) berta. He is a recipient of the Queen Eliz-!(BU) abeth Businessman's Award in Canada.!(BU)

He was born Dec. 17, 1922, in Lis-H?(BU) more, New South Wales, Australia, to !(BU) Cecil James and Mary Isabell Duncan !(BU) Sackley. During World War II, he served !(BU) in the Australia Commando Forces.!(BU)

While in a hospital recovering from?(BU)


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(BU) 1(BU)

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severe injuries sustained during !(BU) combat in the South Pacific in !(BU) December 1944, he learned of !(BU) the Church from a visitor, Mar-!(BU) jorie Orth, an active member !(BU) from Brisbane, Queensland, L!(BU) Australia. He was baptized in !(BU) 1946, and they married on !(BU) March 29, 1947; they are par-!(BU) ents of two daughters and three !(BU) sons, and have 15 grandchil-!(BU) dren. They went to Canada in !(BU) 1954 to be sealed in the Alberta !(BU) temple. They intended to stay in !(BU) Alberta one year, but have !(BU) made their home there ever !(BU) since.!(BU)

For the past 10 years, howev-?(BU) er, Elder and Sister Sackley !(BU) have spent little time in Canada. !(BU) They were in the Philippines !(BU) from 1979-82, where he was !(BU) president of missions in Quezon !(BU) City and Baguio. He was execu-!(BU) tive administrator of the Salt !(BU) Lake Temple from 1982-83, !(BU) during which time Sister Sack-H!(BU) ley served as assistant matron !(BU) of the temple. They served as !(BU) directors of the Washington, !(BU) D.C., Temple Visitor's Center !(BU) from 1983-85, and then re-!(BU) turned to Australia to serve for !(BU) a year as missionaries in the !(BU) Sydney Australia Temple. L!(BU) While in Australia, they were !(BU) called by the First Presidency to !(BU) preside over the Nigeria Lagos !(BU) Mission.!(BU)

Elder Kendrick was born ?(BU) Sept. 19, 1931, in Baton Rouge, !(BU) La., to Bonnie Delen and Edna !(BU) Campbell Forbes Kendrick. He !(BU) married Myrtis Lee Noble, a !(BU) life-long Church member from !(BU) Pride, La., on Aug. 16, 1952. He !(BU) was baptized Dec. 11, 1954, in !(BU) Belleville, Ill., while stationed !(BU) at Scott Air Base as part of his !(BU) service in the U.S. Air Force !(BU) from 1954-56. They are parents !(BU) of three sons and a daughter, !(BU) and have six grandchildren.!(BU)

Elder Kendrick received L?(BU) bachelor's, master's, and doc-!(BU) toral degrees from Louisiana !(BU) State University at Baton L!(BU) Rouge. He was a professor of !(BU) health education and director of !(BU) the regional training center of !(BU) East Carolina University at !(BU) Greenville, N.C., from 1966 un-!(BU) til 1985 when he was called as !(BU) mission president.!(BU)

Before accepting his position ?(BU) at East Carolina University, he !(BU) had been head football and bas-!(BU) ketball coach and a teacher in !(BU) East Baton Rouge Parish L!(BU) schools for 10 years.!(BU)

Elder Kendrick's service in ?(BU) the Church has included three !(BU) years, from 1982-85, as a re-!(BU) gional representative, assigned !(BU) to North Carolina, Georgia and !(BU) Alabama. Previously, he was !(BU) president of the Kinston North !(BU) Carolina Stake for nine years. !(BU) Also, he has been a branch pres-!(BU) ident and counselor, high L!(BU) priests group leader, bishop's !(BU) counselor and stake Sunday !(BU) School superintendent. He is !(BU) author of a book, Scriptures to !(BU) Success.!(BU)