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Human beings are capable of the great dedication and devotion necessary to achieve a difficult goal, said Bishop Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric.

That sort of dedication and devotion is what the Lord has asked of home teachers in watching "over the Church always," he said at the general priesthood meeting."He knows that to visit 30 minutes every month with the same lesson for every family would never produce the progress He wants for us.

"God called us to watch over and help people in all their struggles for physical and spiritual well-being," he said. "He called us to help by the Spirit. He called us to teach by the Spirit. He called us to live what we teach. He called us to bear testimony. He called us to love them."

Bishop Eyring said before home teachers visit, they might plan for a family, whose unspoken needs "will be tearing at their hearts."

As the home teachers prepare under the direction of the Holy Ghost, in worthiness, prayer and testimony, the family will be strengthened. "An idea and a scripture will come to mind as you teach. You'll bear testimony with more feeling. And they may linger at the door a little longer."

"The desire of our hearts is to help others taste the fruit of the gospel. I bear testimony that in time and in eternity God will bless our steadiness as we invite His children to come unto Christ," he concluded.