Rewind to unwind may be the next big trend in video. The new age of "anti-excitement" video is upon us. Videos that soothe and relax after a hard day's work in the dog-eat-dog world of yuppiedom are making their subtle marks.

In the recent Video Magazine, author Roberta Salvador explores this hot new trend. A wide selection of stress reduction tapes _ everything, ranging from nature shots set to music to spiritual leaders' advice on channeling spirits - is available.

A tape on acupressure has been produced by former Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner. Wagner demonstrates simple acupressure techniques - simple, gentle rubbing of points on the face - to tone up muscles and prevent wrinkles.

"Smart Cookies Don't Crumble" is the name of a tape from noted self-help doctor Sonya Friedman. The focus of the tape is to help those in need become "someone who can see life's changes as a challenge rather than a crisis."

Medical advice seems to be the staple of these videos as well. "Video Aspirin" presents itself as a drug-free cure for stress-related headaches. Relief is offered through the recitation of a mantra over and over again - like "I am calm, I am calm."

Or for the extremely uptight, the chief resident of psychiatry at New York University Medical Center, Dr. Edward Klein, presents "Stress Control Now" as an overall wellness tape. Again, deep breathing and relaxing visualizations are employed.

"A Relaxation and Inspiration: Beyond Stress to Inner Peace and Power" was produced with money from Lockheed, the giant defense contractor, and is used by its employees during stress reduction (no more coffee) breaks.