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We've all been there.

Waiting in a restaurant for a check that never seems to come. Standing in line while the cashier chats about "old times" with the person in front of us. Leaving message after message for someone who never seems to be available, at least not to return our calls.But, Chamber of Commerce officials say, when all is said and done, the customer dictates the bottom line. And a business that doesn't put personal service high on its list won't last long.

"The customer is the lifeblood of most businesses," said Steve Densley, president of the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce. "Unfortunately, many people who deal with customers have a hard time remembering that."

The Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce is offering a videotape called "Remember Me?" for free check-out by local businesses and groups. It can help business people show their employees the impact for good or bad their actions can have on customers.

"The economic success of local businesses is in everyone's best interest, and I think personal service is a key to that success," Densley said.

Those interested in checking out the videotape should call the chamber at 224-3636.

Though Utah Valley is known for its friendly people and cordial atmosphere, sometimes the day-to-day hassles of work can cause even the most conscientious of clerks and sales people to forget the importance of the customer, Densley said.

And that can be disastrous, because neglected customers can translate into lost revenue. "The main difference between most businesses of the same type is the degree of personal service they offer. And that difference can mean the life or death of a business venture," Densley said.