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Town officials are considering joint use of sewer lagoons with nearby Gunnison but will probably build its own system.

The cost to Centerfield to join Gunnison's system will be a determining factor requiring a 30 percent savings to be feasible, Mayor Val Jean Hansen said.Preliminary plans have been drawn for lagoons that would serve a population capacity of 1,200. Centerfield's population is about 800.

Gunnison's lagoons were designed for a capacity of 3,500. The current population is about 1,300 and is expected to nearly double following completion of the new state regional prison.

A public meeting was held to explain financing, rates and design concepts to Centerfield residents for their own system.

Applications will be submitted to funding agencies if enough public support is forthcoming, the mayor said. A bond election for general obligation bonds will be held or the project will be funded with revenue bonds.

Proponents say joint use of the Gunnison lagoons would ensure sewer systems in the two communities wouldn't be overbuilt in case population projections are inaccurate.

If Centerfield officials decide to participate in the Gunnison system, it was suggested the buy-in amount be deposited into a sinking fund for future use. An interlocal agreement would be needed for expansion.

Centerfield's proposed lagoons would cover 32 acres and would cost one-third of the cost of a complete waste disposal system.