A drug and alcohol abuse prevention and discipline program for the Davis School District should be ready for formal presentation at the May 17 Board of Education meeting.

Jim Hill, health and physical education curriculum supervisor, said a group at Layton High School is developing the policy that will be recommended for districtwide use. He will present it to the Utah High School Activities Association to be considered for statewide adoption.Hill said Layton High received a grant to develop the program and has had a committee of students, parents, educators and community leaders working on the plan.

Meeting state legal guidelines was a major concern. "We've had our legal staff look at it and in typical fashion it has gone from a three-page document to about 22 pages," Hill quipped.

Hill said a legal review has found the document sound and he believes it can be effective and uniformly applied and enforced by district schools.

The policy will contain both academic and citizenship requirements for participation in academic and athletic school activities. Penalties, such as suspension from participation for a set time period, will be included. Also, a rehabilitation program will be proposed.

"This policy will have strong recommendations for both first and second offenders; involves the parents and creates rehabilitation programs," Hill said. "It also supports both the existing state and district policies."

Hill said once the district adopts the program, he will recommend it to the UHSAA if the board approves.