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To the editor:

I would like to publicly thank two citizens for rendering aid to a Salt Lake City policeman in trouble.On April 29, one of my officers was on a routine found- property call when he experienced some medical difficulties.

These two citizens, a Marv George and Jeff Roush, both of Bountiful, were working in the area and witnessed the officer go down. They not only used the officer's radio to summon help, but administered first aid until the officer was safely in the ambulance and enroute to the hospital.

The actions of these two men were life-saving. It reaffirms my faith in the citizens of this community. As is so often stated, the Police Department reflects the attitude and ideals of the community it serves.

Compare the actions of these two men, and those of the citizens in a Texas town where a policeman was shot and killed while issuing a ticket. There, no less than 50 citizens watched and yelled encouragement to the violator as he overpowered, shot, and killed the officer.

As commander of the Salt Lake City Police Patrol Division I thank these two men for their help. Thanks also to all city residents for your continued support of the Police Department. We are proud to serve you.

Capt. Aaron D. Kennard

Salt Lake City Police Department