Indiana Coach Bob Knight said today he had rejected an offer to move to New Mexico and would stay at Indiana University, according to a published report.

Knight told Sports Editor Bob Hammel of the Bloomington Herald-Telephone that he had told New Mexico officials that "the one thing I had to resolve - and I had to resolve it at every angle was the energy requirement for me to do the things that had to be done. Whether I could actually handle the job and the requirements to do the job the way it has to be done."The answer was no.

"Maybe other considerations would have gotten in the way also, but it could just not get past that one thing," Knight said.

Knight said that "no team in sports is better supported than our basketball team by the fans that we have. I have always thoroughly appreciated this and through the last three of four days in making this decision, I would be remiss if I didn't say that those people came to mind."