Joseph O. Baker, a BYU associate professor of Germanic and Slavic languages, has received a Fulbright grant to participate in a summer internship program administered by the West German government.

Baker, who served 12 years as director of BYU's International Study Abroad programs, returned to full-time teaching nearly 3 years ago.The grant, sponsored by the Fulbright-Kommission for Educational Exchange between professors from the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany, will take Baker to Bonn and Berlin June 10 through June 15.

As a member of a select group of 25 U.S. professors, Baker was chosen on the basis of his background, which includes teaching and administering classes and programs dealing with the German culture, history, economy and language.

While in Germany, Baker will learn firsthand up-to-date information about how the government of the Federal Republic of Germany works on a day-to-day basis.

The experience will prove invaluable during the coming teaching year, he said.