I've been meaning to mention . . .

JIMMY OSMOND, Utah's newest movie mogul, is producing a TV-movie called More Precious Than Gold at his technologically updated Osmond Studios in Orem. The interesting thing here is that the film is being produced with the new high definition (HDTV) technology in mind, so that when it is telecast it can be seen in either the current television standard format or the new HDTV standard.HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE delightful spots promoting attendance at Major League Baseball games that have been airing lately on NBC's Game of the Week? You know, the one with a youngster fantasizing about going to see Dale Murphy at the plate and the one with all those people getting ready to go to the same ball game? Well, it might interest you to know that both of those ads were produced by Salt Lake City's own Bonneville Media Communications.

No wonder they have the same kind of high quality, homey, nostalgic feel as the LDS Church's "Homefront" ads.

LARRY DRAKE, the actor who plays mentally handicapped messenger Benny Stulwicz on NBC's L.A. Law, has finally been officially added to the series' cast of regulars. Originally intended as a short-term guest star, Drake has turned Benny into an important part of the "L.A. Law" team. And he's done so so convincingly that the first question I'm always asked about him is, "Is he really retarded?"

Drake, who is not the least bit handicapped, is often asked that question, too. But rather than be offended by the implications, he says he finds the question flattering. "It means I'm doing my job," says Drake, whose resume includes a stint as Lenny in San Diego's Old Globe Theatre production of "Of Mice and Men."

BYU FOOTBALL FANS going through pigskin withdrawal should know that producer/photographer Kevin Mitchell has a video on the market called Coming Back, which documents the 1987 Cougar football season. With splendid photography and narration by KSL's Doug Miller, "Coming Back" retails for $19.95 and can be ordered by calling 1-800-453-4000. (But I gotta tell ya, the Cougs still lose to Pittsburgh, TCU, Wyoming and Virginia.)

LOOKS LIKE "MAGNUM" didn't end its eight-year run any too soon. Reports from Honolulu indicate that the series' stunt coordinator was critically injured last week when one of the helicopters used during "Magnum" filming crashed in a pineapple field.