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The logistics are mind-boggling: there are 4,000 employees and 9,000 volunteers who fall under the direction of Salt Lake County. Out of this force, a vast array of services and programs are available to Salt Lake County residents. But whether aiding a senior citizen at home or working with families caring for chronically ill or disabled children, voluntarism is the key to Salt Lake County's successful services.

This week has been declared "Salt Lake County Employee and Volunteer Recognition Week" by the Salt Lake County Commission. Its resolution stated, "the volunteers of our great County performed over 6,000 hours of unpaid service in 1987 which resulted in a cost savings of more than $5 million . . . "Employees and volunteers were honored Wednesday at Wheeler Farm. The activity, "The Sky's the Limit," featured the Salt Lake Good Time Jazz Band, house tours, craft demonstrations, hay rides and a hot air balloon ascension demonstration.

Newly recruited to the Historic Wheeler Farm volunteer corps is Fred Mickelsen, security guard for Salt Lake County. Using his lifelong interest in wood carving, Mickelsen is creating displays of horse-drawn instruments. The carvings will be displayed with photos to teach visitors how horses were used in farming. A plow and spring tooth harrow are two of the implements Mickelsen is working on to display with his carving of a work horse.

Twelve county volunteer coordinators were honored at the County Commission meeting Monday for their expertise in recruiting, training and directing volunteer work. Spotlighted for excellence was Anita J. Short, volunteer coordinator for the Division of Job Training and Development. Clair Hardman was honored for his work during the flood crisis control of 1983-84. Helen Christensen works with 350 volunteers in her position as coordinator of Development Services.

Darrell Shields was recognized for skill in utilizing volunteers in the Facilities Management Division. The Division of Aging Services was updated and computerized by Anna Dresel. Her work made possible the recognition of 976 volunteers in 11 senior citizen centers for 1987.

Shelter director and volunteer coordinator for the Division of Youth Services is Pat Berckman, who was honored for the special recognition she gives volunteers through an annual picnic, flowers, certificates and pins.

Sharon Cross is responsible for placing individuals convicted of alcohol-related offenses in community service positions. Her monitoring of over 800 clients has resulted in a savings of over $500,000 to the county this past year.

William Ormand is the force behind the new tours, programs and demonstrations at Wheeler Farm. The farm's volunteer program has also been boosted through his organization. The advisory council of the Division of Aging Services is headed by Virginia Covert. She has expanded the program into two new permanent sites and developed new resources.

Don Cook supervises 1,128 volunteers with creative direction. He directed the Retired Senior Volunteer Program for 14 years.

Dwight Rasmussen is supervisor of the Senior Companion Program and increased the number of senior companions from 35 to 79. He also established four new companion placement stations.

The director of Salt Lake County Volunteer Programs, Marilyn Kel-sey, noted that MarJean Jacobson was chosen as Outstanding Volunteer Coorinator for 1988. Jacobson, volunteer coordinator for the county's library system, was selected because of her outstanding supervision techniques

County employees and volunteers have a hand-in-hand partnership of service. Would-be volunteers can join this partnership by calling Marilyn Kelsey at 468-3337.